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New patron station!

In September, we held our annual book sale, and raised enough money to purchase a new patron station computer. Well, it’s taken a little while, but we finally have the computer up and running! And aside from it being newer and faster, here are two little tidbits that might make your catalog searches a bit easier.

For starters: We’ve changed the user configuration so that you can log onto the patron account if the computer goes to sleep. Before, if the computer went to sleep, when you woke it up you’d have to ask someone to log in for you. And depending on what day of the week you were there, you might have to go all the way downstairs to see if someone was in the office. No more! Now, if you find the computer asking for a password, just click “patron” and use the password patron. So easy!

In addition to that, we’re thinking of ways to create a catalog searching tutorial that will live on the computer’s desktop. That way, if you get stuck or need some help, you have easy access to instructions. We’re thinking of doing either a PDF of written instructions, or a short video (or both). We’d love to hear your input on which would help you most! And as always, whenever we’re in the library, we’re more than happy to help you out or give you an in-person demo.

Happy searching! And thanks again to Jonathan Hittle for spending a full weekend day to set this up for us.

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